Electrical Testing & Commissioning

T A B offers convenient Witnessing for Electrical Testing & Commissioning:


  •   Witnessing of testing to evaluate and ensure that the equipment and systems meet specification.
  •   Expert advice on use of suppliers' own test equipment.
  •   Work with the supplier to resolve any issues that may occur during testing.

The following Low Voltage & Low Current systems are concerned by our activities:

  • LV Switch Gear / SMDB / MCC
  • DB / Final Light & Power Points
  • Specified Lighting Controls
  • Bus Bar Trunking System
  • Power And Control Cables
  • Earthing System
  • Lightning Protection System
  • CCTV, Security & Access Control
  • BMS & CMS
  •  Steel Structure
  • Public Address System
  • Fire Alarm System / Emergency Light
  • Building Management & Control Systems
  • Packaged Engine Generator Set