Facade and Air Tightness Testing

Measuring the air Tightness of the building envelope which has a direct impact on energy consumption. Reduce your energy bill and improve thermal comfort with a blower door test.

T A B with certified technicians, provides blower door test

  • ┬áTesting residential and commercial buildings for air tightness
  • ┬áTesting buildings for compliance with standards for energy efficiency, such as the IECC and ASHRAE.

Building Thermography

Thermographic Imaging for Finding Energy Loss Locate missing insulation and thermal bridges in in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Infrared imaging of a flat roof leak will pinpoint moisture intrusion into insulation. Infrared thermography of CMU walls will locate defects and missing insulation.

T A B with certified technicians, provides a complete solution of thermographic Infrared imaging for buildings

Control of electrical systems using infrared thermography (IR survey)

Detect abnormal overheating that may cause a fire, and anticipate their consequences Electricity is a leading cause of incidents in enterprises.

Infrared thermography allows to detect anomalies and abnormal heating (bad connections, overloads, phase unbalance, faulty contacts in calibration ...) and to provide for corrective actions.

Infrared survey of electrical switchgear will identify loose and corroded connections.

T A B is committed to providing high quality infrared imaging and analysis